Action Figures Sold Separately!

I guess it’s about time to add some pictures from my last art show at LowBrow. The show was calls “Action Figures Sold Separately”. The idea behind the show was to paint my old action figures I had laying around the studio and some random Yeti painting too. Thanks to everyone that came out and those who bought paintings!!!!! I still have a few still available for purchase. Email me at if you would be interested in them or if you would like a commission a painting.

loxbrow-artshowall-paintings                                                      The Show up on the walls.

skeletor-outside                                 Skeletor on Scoot! painted on the wall from outside

skeletor-scooter-wall                            Skeletor on Scoot! painted on the wall. It’s about 5 feet tall!

yeti-camper                                     Yeti Camper 30x60in acrylic on canvas (sold)

then-ill-see-you-in-hell                            Then I’ll see you in Hell! 36x36in acrylic on canvas ($400)

coffee-spock-crop                                   Coffee Spock 24x24in acrylic on canvas (sold)

the-priness                            The Princess 20x32in acrylic on two canvases ($300)

pink-fett                                  Pink Fett 20x32in acrylic on two canvases ($300)

mr-star-wars-man-darth-vader          Mr Star Wars Man (Darth Vader) 20x32in acrylic on two canvases (sold)

wolverine_crop                                      Wolverine 12x12in acrylic on canvas (sold)

yeti                                           Yeti 12x12in acrylic on canvas (sold)

skeletor                                        Skeletor 12x12in acrylic on canvas (sold)

he-man                                       He-Man 12x12in acrylic on canvas (sold)

rip-bowie                                      RIP Bowie 12x12in acrylic on canvas (sold)

r2d2                                    Artoo Detoo 12x12in acrylic on canvas (sold)

indy                                           Indy 12x12in acrylic on canvas (sold)

batgirl                                          Batgirl 12x30in acrylic on canvas (sold)

skeletor-scooter-stickers                Skeletor on Scoot! stickers, I’ve got a few left if anybody wants some email me

my art show is up at Adelitas Cocina y Cantina

Hi all, been awhile. I just put up my show at Adelitas Cocina y Cantina this morning. If you live in Denver, go check it out! If not here is whats hanging up… Update!!! I have some of these for sell if you are interested please email me at!!!

of monsters and things

3-d yeti3D yeti  16×20 latex on canvas ($200)

of yetis and catsof yetis and cats  16×20 latex on canvas (sold)

of monsters and catsof monsters and cats 16×20 latex on canvas ($200)

which way is upwhich way is up! 16×20 latex on canvas ($200)

frankfrank 16×20 latex on canvas ($200)

camo yeticamo yeti 16×20 latex on canvas ($200)

batyetibat yeti 16×20 latex on canvas ($200)

a little birda little bird 16×20 latex on canvas (sold)

a fish name freda fish called fred 16×20 latex on canvas ($200)


pink fett

Nice thing about have 4 days off is that I got some actual painting done. I’ve been needing to do more painting, to much digital artwork lately. I finished up “Pink Fett” and started two more, which I hope to finish by the end of the year. Speaking of next year I booked a show for October 2016, I know it’s far off, but I haven’t had a solo show in a few years and I’m excited about it! I’ll gave more details later next year.

pink fett painting                                             Pink Fett – 20×32 acrylic on two canvases

cat on a scooter

cat on a scooter_smI recently upload this awesome drawing of a cat on a scooter to my Society6 page. You can get it here or type in I have 11 other designs to to choice from too. You can get prints, shirts, pillow, coffee mug and more.

Coffeeneuring 2015

All right, it’s  that time of year again for some coffeeneuring action! If you’ll not familiar with Coffeeneuring out checkout for all the info so you can join in all the fun next year!!! My wife joined me this year on all but one outing. You can checkout her blog here. Oh and lets see if you can guess my theme this year.

No. 1  10-04-15 Wash Perk in the Washington Park West Neighborhood 

A nice way to kick off the coffeeneuring season with a cool Saturday ride down to Wash Perk. A great coffee shop not to far from the popular Wash Park . I took the single speed out for this ride. I haven’t rode the single speed in along time. I order a Americano and sat in the sun. Doug met us and we rode to a couple of breweries, Denver isn’t lacking in great beer. We rode about 20 miles around town.


No. 2  10-11-15 Caffe Giocondo in Winter Park

My friend Doug and Andrea have a cabin in Winter Park that has single track almost right out the back door. The best part is that you can take it into town. Doug and I rode down into town on the single track. I got to ride my newly acquired Surly Pugsley for the first time in the mountains. Laura and Andrea meet up with us at Caffe Giocondo for some coffee. I got my only “fancy” coffee a Ginger Cookie Latte. I’m not a fancy coffee drinker, but I couldn’t pass up a cookie latte. We continued on to Winter Park Village (ski area) along the Fraser River Trail. All in all a great day of riding, about 14 miles or so.

IMG_8224winter park 01Winter Park 3

No. 3  10-17-15 Spinelli’s Bakery in Park Hill Neighborhood

Another great fall day in Denver! Sunny and in the 60’s. Laura and I rode over to the Park Hill neighborhood for coffee at Spinelli’s Bakery. A area of town that Laura drove by a few times on her way home from work, that she’s been wanting to checkout. It’s a nice block with a small shops, a market and neighborhood book store. It’s about 5.5 miles away from our house, which it seems like every coffee shop in Denver is 5.5 miles from our house 😉 I got a Dark Roast drip coffee and we enjoyed the block.  I rode my everyday commuter bike, a Kona Dew Plus.

park hill 01 IMG_8260

No. 4  10-18-15 2914 Coffee in Jefferson Park Neighborhood

I might have been a little hungover for this ride. 😉 Laura had a flat tire on her bike and I was in no mood to fix it, so she took my Kona and I rode the single speed. We met up with Doug and rode over to 2914 Coffee in the Jefferson Park Neighborhood, just west of downtown and all up hill. Nothing like riding hungover on a single speed uphill. After coffee and the ride uphill to knock out the cobwebs in my head, Doug and I went mountain biking up in Evergreen, and yes this coffee shop is 5.5 miles from us too 😉

IMG_8286IMG_8287                                              Colorado is ugly, don’t ever come here 😉

No. 5  10-24-15 Under the Umbrella Cafe in Congress Park Neighborhood

We started off the day at Velo Swap. I scored a few racks one for my Surly Pugsley and a brand new Velo Orange rack for $15. Not sure what bike I’m going to but it on, but I couldn’t pass it up!  I also got new gloves and some lights cause it’s going to be dark riding home from work soon.  After velo swap, we rode over to the Under the Umbrella Cafe in the Congress Park neighborhood. We just got a drip coffee and sat outside watching the world go by. We then decide to ride about town since it was nice out.  We rode around City Park and watched the bird at what Laura calls The Dr. Seuss island by the zoo. We rode to a brewery for a flight of beers. Laura wanted to check out the Timbuk 2 store downtown so we rode over and had a beer and checked out the store. About a 20 mile ride around town.

IMG_8332congress park

No. 6  10-25-15 Coffee without Walls in Chaffee Park Neighborhood

After a long day riding around town the day before, we decided to do something different. It’s still nice out and after last years cold snap I wanted to get in a few extra rides in, just to be safe. Laura made pancakes and I grab the stove and coffee making supplies and we headed over to Zuni and 51st Park (I know a weird name for a park) in the Chaffee Park neighborhood for some coffee without walls and breakfast. It was the shortest ride about 4 miles.


No. 7!!!  11-01-15 Pajama Baking Company in Platte Park Neighborhood

All right no. 7!!! It’s Laura’s birthday today! We rode down to Pajama Baking Company in the Platte Park neighborhood or as most people in Denver would call it “South Pearl” As we were riding up we saw that the farmers market was going on so we parked the bikes and walked around checking out the goods. We grabbed some drip coffee and a pumpkin muffin from the coffee shop. We than rode over to Cherry Creek area and checked out some stores and lunch. All in all about a 17 mile ride.


No. 8  11-08-15 The Molecule Effect in Lincoln Park Neighborhood

Why stop at 7, when we’re having so much fun 🙂 After a cold work week it was super nice out, almost 70. We rode over to The Molecule Effect in Lincoln Park Neighborhood. Also 5.5 miles from our house 😉 Most people would call this neighborhood the Santa Fe Art district cause of all the galleries. We grabbed a couple of drip coffee and sat outside and soaked up the warm rays. Nice coffee shop that stays open late, bonus! We like to get coffee after dinner on Thursdays and it’s always nice to find a new place to get it. Plus they have Strange Craft beer on tap, the brewery I do label artwork for. After we finshed our coffees we headed down to the South Broadway area for some shopping. I say we rode about 13 miles.


No. 9 11-14-15 Coffee Without Walls Winter Park

Back up in Winter Park again for the weekend. Doug rented a Fat Bike and I got to ride the Pugsley on the snowy trails by their cabin . Plus we made some coffee in the snow! With melted snow. I’m not the biggest fan of snow or cold, but I had fun. I bought the fat bike more for winter commuting, but I wanted to try out some trail riding with it. It’s going to take a while to get the snow riding skills.  We ended up back in town for a post ride beer. I’m not sure how far we rode, 4 or 5 miles.

IMG_8439me in the snow_winterpark 02 smme in the snow_winterpark smIMG_8440

No. 10  11-15-15 Denver Bicycle Cafe in City Park West Neighborhood

We got back for Winter Park around 2:30 and it was nice out some we figured we get in one last coffeeneuring challenge ride in on the last weekend! I was planing on hitting up Denver Bicycle Cafe early in the challenge, but didn’t get around to it. Who doesn’t love Bikes, Beer and Coffee! I’m glad we did. If your ever in Denver check them out! Full service bike shop and cafe.We just got coffee and sat outside. We were kinda rushed cause the weather was changing and we still need to hit up the grocery store before it got dark. I figured we rode about 8 miles.


So my theme was Coffee in the Parks! We went to neighborhoods with Park in the name and also the town of Winter Park. Now that the 2015 Coffeeneuring Challenge is over, we’re going to be adding to it. We had fun checking out the neighborhoods in Denver that we decided to try and hit up ALL the neighborhoods in Denver before next October.  There are 78 official neighborhoods in Denver, plus Glendale, it’s surrounded by Denver so we’ll call it a neighborhood. Here’s a map of what we have done so far.DENVER Neighborhood coffee rideI’ll be posting our Neighborhood rides here and you can also following me on Instagram/bajajdave and I will be using the #coffeeinthehoods and #denverneighborhoodscoffeeride Thanks!!!!

Coffeeneuring Challenge!!!

so I heard about coffeeneuring from a friend two months ago and I was excited to giving it a try! Here is my last 7 weeks of riding my bike to get coffee!!

Weekend #1 10-05-14 Steam Espresso Bar (1801 S Pearl St, Denver, CO 80210) The first weekends ride was a nice 21 mile around town to Steam Espresso Bar. I got a americano and rode the voodoo wazoo.

Weekend #2 10-12-14 (IOWA TRIP) NOT COFFEENEURING!!!The wife and I were in Iowa for a wedding and I didn’t have a bike with me so we went on a great hike in the middle of Des Moines. I got to bring my bike next time to ride this trail! After the hike we stopped by Capes Kafé for some geeky coffee.

Weekend #3 10-19-14 Ink! Coffee (1590 Little Raven St, Denver, CO 80202)A great 7 mile ride with the wife on a warm fall day down to Ink! Coffee at Riverfront. We got some drip coffee and sat outside for some people watching. I rode my nishiki single speed.

Weekend #4a 10-25-14 Paris on the Platte (1553 Platte St, Denver, CO 80202)You can’t beat a 80 degree day this late in October!!! I hopped on the Voodoo Wazoo and rode to Paris on the Platte. I got a house coffee and a peanut butter crepe. I rode down the river awhile about a 8 mile around trip.

Weekend #4b 10-26-14 coffee without walls aka the detour rideI met up with my friends Doug and Andrea for a longer ride up to Elaine T. Valente Open Space Park to make some coffee without walls. Another warm fall day.We had to detour a couple of time because of the trail being closed for repair after last years flooding. The ride ended up being around 35 miles by time I got back home. have coffee cup, will ride to coffee!

Weekend #5a 11-01-14 Ink! Coffee at Cherry Creek (2415 E. 2nd Ave., Denver, CO 80206)Rode down to the Cherry Creek North location of Ink! Coffee. I met up with Doug and Andrea again for a nice cloudy fall ride (14 miles ish) around Denver. I got a drip coffee and rode my Kona Dr. Dew plus bike.

Weekend #5b 11-02-14 Downpours Coffee (3937 Tennyson St, Denver, CO 80212)A very windy and uphill, but still warm ride to Downpours Coffee. I got a drip coffee and rode my Kona Dr Dew plus. A fast downhill and the wind to my back ride home! About a 10 mile round trip.

Weekend #6 11-08-14 Huckleberry Coffee (2500 Larimer St. Denver, CO 80205)I didn’t have a lot of time to get a ride in, so I did a quick ride to Huckleberry Coffee on the last warm weekend here in Denver. I got a drip coffee and rode the trek 420.  A 5.2 mile round trip.

Weekend #7 11-15-14 Novo Coffee (1600 Glenarm Pl, Denver, CO)Well no more nice weather for Denver. We went from 68 high on Sunday (11-09-14) to -14 on Wednesday morning! I’ve been bike commuting all week and figure I shouldn’t let the cold stop me from riding to get coffee! It ended up being a nice but cold 10 mile ride around town. I rode to Novo Coffee got a drip coffee and rode my Frankenstein Kona fat front winter commuter.

I had a BLAST!!! doing this Coffeeneuring Challenge, I’m looking forward to doing it again next year!